Have you ever laid on your bed at night, and just cried? Cried because you’re ugly.You counted all your flaws from head to toe, to punish and feel worse about yourself. Cried because the comments people blurt out, actually hurt your feelings. Cried because your family is dysfunctional. You don’t want to be a burden, so you bottled it all up

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I Love You, Like A Love Song Baby, Rep-pe-peat :)

I'm confusing -.- I do I still love him! I miss everything about him! I love two men at the same time!

But, the most I love is the old one. I cant attention to my study until I say " ILOVEYOU " at him. I cant describes how much I miss and love him :'[

 I can lie everyone but I cant lie my feelings. I'm trying not to admit that I still love him BUT I CANT!

 I prayy that he will be here, but there's are nothing nothing nothing. Thats just my dreamed that I can create in my sweet dream. I hate my feelings and myself if he not be mine! I hope he'll miss and love me same what I do at him.

OuhMyLord, I am very miss his words " ILOVEYOU " . I know it not will happen! Everyone cant to understand my feelings because not they feel it but ME, not even my bestfriend :'[ What should I do?


---------> Probs #2

I've wait for you for a long time. But, there's are nothing. Nothing I cant describe my feelings to everyone, not even my best friend! None can understand me ;'[

I want to out from this probs but I cant. I want you to know, that have been one months I've wait for you


Honour your promises, dont promise with someone if you cant to do it. I'm sorry to say ;'[ Iloveyouinfinity. Give your answer, jgn bagi aku tunggu smpai kiamat lhaa weh!

Imisshim shooooo muchhhhh! He's sweet, caring, good guys, awesome man :'[ I really -2 do to be his gf thats why aku sngop tngu kau weh! Haiyaaaaaaa :'[ I dont want to waste my tears just because man. There's are no worth. I really do hope you will be mine here after. amin amin amin amin. I love you love you love you love you love you love love love youuuuuu ;'[
Kbyeeee :xx

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