Have you ever laid on your bed at night, and just cried? Cried because you’re ugly.You counted all your flaws from head to toe, to punish and feel worse about yourself. Cried because the comments people blurt out, actually hurt your feelings. Cried because your family is dysfunctional. You don’t want to be a burden, so you bottled it all up

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Girlfriends. :)

*wan nurul ain
*siti nor atiqah

Wann Castello

Ety Toinnk2 :)

Anis, Eika. :)

Dora :)

Dora Again :P


The Queen

Mothers to be. hahaa

Mas dan balqis


The bos


kak nuur


Fiqah, Tqah. :))

Photoshoot. ainna, fariz

ainna and .................
Ainna IzzaTy

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